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Hannah Arnold

I have had the fortune to have worked with Aura  three times in the past week. We met at a business training for healers where she and two colleagues provided us with a sound and crystal healing. I was so deeply touched by Aura ‘s singing, which reminded me of my own gift to heal with voice, that I immediately asked her if she could make time for a session during the next week. It was the most incredible, deep, and loving experience i have had in a long while. Working as a healer myself, I am receiving sessions on a regular basis. The extent of Aura ‘s ability to make me feel so safe that i could push through some deep layers of pain and constriction and open up to my beautiful gift of a voice. like magic, she helped me let go of all self-consciousness and fear and make space for spirit and its blissful frequency to come through!
Thank you Aura , dear mother-sister-friend, beyond time and space! .

Jemma Jane Goré

I had some very profound experiences afterwards. I sat and made some notes the next day to digest and consolidate our session and  2 days later I was singing mantras with my drum in the morning and I got myself into a trance, I started singing the words I’d scribbled accross the page and after about 40 minutes of this I experienced what can only be described as a DMT trip!A little scary but mostly blissful! So thank you for helping me to achieve that through the voice! It was quite explosive! I’ve now tidied up the song and put chords to it so I can play it on guitar. It’s my first ‘complete song’. Yay!!Thank you truly from the bottom of my heart because you have helped unlock something that has been very stuck for a very long time. I am really excited to dive deep into songwriting now and expressing through my own words. I feel a lot less ‘judgmental’ towards my own writing. I’m not sure if it’s just that or if my writing has improved now I’m not overthinking it. Whatever it is- Thank you, you are a true healer and a gift to this world. I hope I can help others one day to do this work as you are helping me & so many others. To open up the voice is probably one of the most transformative things to do. Like you said better than any ingested ‘high’. With Gratitude & Love 

Mahan Sangueet

Amazing transformational work it is opening my voice and connecting me to my essence as I thought it would do! It is a present to be part of this sessions!I loved her sessions! i loved the work we did and grew as a group everyone of us in their own path...., wonderfull expierence! Aura is a beautiful wise woman and an amazing teacher!

Kelly Morgan

Aura's voice activations.
Wow. I had so many openings, remembrance, tears of joy and gratitude. I would never have called myself a singer.
Yet I knew I had something to share that was blocked.
Now… These are the songs that I hear These are the lessons I must share
Thank you eternally Aura for the space you hold, who what you share and who you are.

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