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24 th November


Dear Soul family 

Unlock the immense potential of your voice and the healing power of it .

Join us for this 3 hours Immersive workshop of Voice Activation 


We are going to explore the activation of your own sound through the Naad Yoga and angelic singing for connecting you on a maximum level of pure expression .


We will merge  on spontaneous singing with amplification and cosmical effect on electronic soundscapes.


Through fusion of breath and voice we can unlock incredible ancestral singing to reconnect with beautiful memories of ourselves .


Focusing the work on the free flow of our energy through the voice work method that Aura Amanda has been developing since the 12 years here on the island of Ibiza.


Aura is a spiritual singer and voice activator that love to fuse ancient wisdom and knowledge with the modern electronic sounds.

You can meet her in different ecstatic dance and ceremonies opening the field through her singing on electronic beats and soundscapes.


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24 th November 

16.00 /19.00

Price 44 euros 

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