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Sound is the creation of all things

Energy ^ Vibration ^ Frequency ^ Sound


Everything in the Universe is made of vibrations and frequencies.

I use the sound of your own Voice to guide you to tune into higher states of your being.

The sacred aim of my work is to connect you deeply with your inner voice and vibrations, to remove all the obstacles that false narrative of life have formed to rebirth in your authentic self and empower your Voice in the world.

I reclaim Voice as the first Spiritual Activation on Earth .

Your whole body is a living orchestra.

Every part of your being is communicating with you, your internal system, life and the universe.


"Each and every one of us was born with a built in self-healing tool.
Mastering the throat chakra is the link to self-mastery and discovering harmony in your life.
When the whole system is allowed to express itself authentically the chakras naturally align, open and remain clear".


We are stardust.
Every cells of our body contains photons that can be activated from within through the highest vibrations of our energetic body .

The voice is the healing The voice is the bridge The voice is medicine The voice is the power Your sound activates your light bodies and raises frequencies all around How beautiful is this .
Let yourself SOUND!


Is a process that blends together different technics to  explore and to activate your voice on a maximum potential.

It is a healing vocal exploration that welcomes you into your whole-body instrument to hear, receive, and express your authentic self .
I blend Naad Yoga, Shamanism, Free singing, Mantras,  Western esoteric science, Harmonics. transpersonal psychology, quantum physics, Light language.It is a transcendental experience  that brings us into a state of deep connection with the Source of life and Love that shines at the center of our Being and in which we can remember, expand and create.
Sound is a tool for transformation.
Keepers of Frequency learn how to modulate the frequency they hold through sound.
Sound can penetrate any substance, move molecules, and rearrange realities. The sound of human voice is shaping the human consciousness and through a real and deep journey of liberation we can access to the medicine of our own sound. Voice Activation is a journey with yourself beyond time and space where the voice is the harmonic vibration of the songs of the universe .
It's  healing, it's harmonizing, it's  empowering, it's devotional, it is simply MAGIC!​   


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Music meets you where you are on your journey to heal, validate, and inspire… and oftentimes, bring a little disruption to your comfort zone to remind you of the gift of change — and help you awaken to the greater possibilities for your life. As you open to receive the sacred medicine of music through your own singing voice, the melodies receive you as well. This connection adds new layers of aliveness and dimension to your entire being, amplifying music’s capacity to hold you and others in healing where it is needed the most. Transformational voice work  refer to this unique give-and-take relationship with music as your musical cosmology. Every living being is cosmically designed to receive and respond to specific sounds that resonate not only with their physiological design, but their divine life plan and life experience as well.







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